Schools Programme


With the support of the TSB Community Trust and Methanex, RESET 2020 offers students throughout Taranaki the opportunity to experience two Festival shows: Tröll and Super Hugh-Man.

Tröll is a lo-fi wi-fi fable from Trick of the Light Theatre. It combines storytelling, music and puppetry, in an uncanny tale from the twitchy edges of the digital age. As smartphones become light sources, laptops transform into skyscrapers, and charger cords morph into puppets, it tells a story both mythic and modern in the vein of stranger things.

Super Hugh-Man is a musical love letter from Rutene Spooner to the great Wolverine and Broadway star, Hugh Jackman. Rutene takes us on his personal voyage of discovery from being a young Māori boy growing up as an outsider in a world for which he has no blueprint. He realises that it’s ok to be a different kind of man: He can be strong and sensitive. He can haka and high kick. He can be fierce and fabulous.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Schools Programme please contact our Festival Manager: [email protected]


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